All that we preach needs to be bathed in prayer.

So, I decided, instead of telling everyone individually about my thoughts on the subject, I will just write it out and make things easier

In scripture, God is described as being omnipresent(psalm 139:7-10) and omniscient (Isaiah 46: 9), meaning He is everywhere at the same time and is perfect in all knowledge, lacking nothing. So, in that line of thinking, you don’t need to pray chronologically, or according to the timeline of man. God is without time, He is in all places at once, which is simply beyond the comprehension of a finite mind. In the moments you are praying and growing in Him, He is, at the same time, thinking about you from the very first breath of creation. He has never not known you. To limit God into the chronological perspective of the Universe is denying Him of His absoluteness and infinity.
It gets better. In Ephesian 2 it talks about how we are seated at the right hand of Christ. Now, I’ve heard this before and been like “oh yeah, I get it”, but think about it. If God is eternal, as is His dwelling place, then it is also without the limitations of time. We are predestined, while we are on Earth, because those He has called are already seated with Him in that place. That’s right. with Him. in this moment. perfected. And nothing could snatch you from His hand because He knows every detail of who you were, are, and will be. God will forever be with you, and you with Him. and that blood Christ shed, that sacrifice God made for our forgiveness, He knew you even then, and knew it would be worth it. That forgiveness has never faded in potency, and with Jesus as our lawyer, forever covering our own sentence, will always love us.


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When should a Christian, then, be like Jesus Christ? Is there a time when he may strip off his regimentals—when the warrior may unbuckle his armor, and become like other men? Oh! no; at all times, and in every place let the Christian be what he professes to be.
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Chopped off all my hair Sunday

Chopped off all my hair Sunday

The hope of the world. Lifted on high. Calling us home with arms out wide. To know you forever ,to love you forever. You are our everything. (x)

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