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    Peace of God - original typography print from The Worship Project.

    "For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." 2 Timothy 1:7

    First off, I need to apologise for not being more active with The Worship Project over the last few weeks. I’m currently in the USA and it’s hard getting into routine in unfamiliar territory - but I’ve spent today working on this print - finally!!

    I’ve personally been under a lot of stress and pressure lately, so many changes and things that I’m excited for, but finding hard to trust God in - as much as I want to. However, through this verse I’m committing to things that I thought would be impossible for me and I’m dealing with my fears.

    I truly pray if you’re battling fear (of which no one is exempt), that you would find the strength to lift your eyes to the One who casts out all fear and gives us a spirit - His Holy Spirit - of POWER to overcome, LOVE to walk in daily, and a SOUND MIND to guard our hearts.

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    The judgement for my sin put me in the Hunger Games but Jesus volunteered as tribute.

    Because of Christ, I won’t be



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    If God is not real, why does He offend you so much? You say our God is as real as the tooth fairy, yet you do not see me slandering the tooth fairy and getting upset whenever someone even mentions them.

    If you truly do not believe in God, He should not be so offensive to you. 

    The realest thing ever.


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  • There was some concern expressed at the Cru meeting this week about someone shouting during worship..

    Is response distracting?
    It won’t be in heaven, when His presence surrounds each of us with such a peace as you have never felt. It will be natural for you there, not having to fear what others think of you, nor will you judge anyone who cries out or dances in the throne room of God. We were created to worship, to keep our eyes on Him.
    True worship comes up from our innermost parts, it’s much more than a song, even when you are singing. I get it, some people are feelers, and others calculative, but what comes out of our mouths is an overflow of what is in our hearts. Joy should be the proper response in hearing someone shout His name. How beautiful is it that this person has lost themselves in the sweet presence of God. Glory be to the One who can help us think of someone other than ourselves, even for a few moments. And praise be to Him that He sees the heart behind it.

    Side note: I’m not saying loud worship is better than liturgy, nor is the other way around. Each Christ follower may worship differently. It’s ok to be quiet, it’s ok to not raise your hands. It’s even acceptable not to stand up. God sees the heart in it, so don’t let yourselves be distracted by how others are expressing their worship.

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  • You hold the reigns on the sun and the moon Like horses driven by kings You cover the mountains, the valleys below With the breadth of your mighty wings All treasures of wisdom And things to be known Are hidden inside your hand And in this fortunate turn of events You ask me to be your friend Ask me to be your friend

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    You want to be heroic? Don’t give up on your friends when it becomes hard to talk to them.

    You want to be brave? Talk about important things even if starting the conversation is awkward.

    You want to be awesome? Spend more time blessing other people than you do enjoying life for yourself.

    Real heroes are more concerned about the folks in distress than they are about their own comfort and safety.

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    The ground began to shake
    The stone was rolled away
    his perfect love could not be overcome
    Now death where is your sting?
    Our resurrected King
    Has rendered you defeated

    Forever he is glorified
    Forever he is lifted high
    Forever he is risen
    He is alive, He is alive!

    We sing hallelujah
    We sing hallelujah
    We sing hallelujah
    The Lamb has overcome

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    "Lord, if this isn’t meant to be, give me a sign…"


    Now that the great michaelwayneschaffer is following me I thought I’d give this a reblog.


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